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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Wear It This Week!

What is your sewing philosophy? Are you more likely to take your time and sew in the couture manner, or do you whip out the serger and just get’er done? Do you prefer constructing lined tailored jackets or quick cardi-wraps?
In a recent philosophical discussion with some fabric-loving friends, MB revealed her new sewing motto: Wear It This Week.  I nearly knocked over a tin full of pins when she said that. MB is a fabulous sewist, famous in our sewing guild for her exquisitely tailored garments. In fact, our friendship started at a French Couture Jacket class, a labour-intensive project if ever there was one.
Noticing my incredulous expression, MB kindly explained. After examining her lifestyle and wardrobe, MB realized she didn’t need or want many structured garments, and she already had a closetful. Knit tops, elastic waists, and easy wear/care jackets suit her casual lifestyle much better.  Simple garments = simple sewing. If she can’t finish a proposed garment in a week, it probably isn’t a good choice.
This struck a chord. MB’s lifestyle and mine are very similar. My go-to garments are jeans and t-shirts. Who’s life am I sewing for? Obviously not mine.
But what registered even more was the deadline idea. Maybe twice a year, I have a firm timeline for a garment’s completion. Otherwise it’s on more of a whenever-it’s-done kind of timetable. And lately ‘whenever’ has been turning into ‘never’. I have a growing pile of UnFinishedObjects (aka UFOs) cluttering  my workshop. These garments are nine-tenths done, just needing  hemming, or buttons, or some other finishing detail. Since there’s no urgency and no deadline,  I have no problem putting them aside when something else grabs my creative attention.
Obviously I have the willpower and discipline of a gnat.
So, dear reader, I am adapting MB’s motto.  For the Wear It This Week ideal to be successful, I need to take it a step further because just stating it to myself would only result in another stack of UFOs. (I can lie to myself so easily.) However, stating it publicly, in a blog the Whole World can read (if only they could find it) might prod me enough to actually follow through.
Here is my adaptation: 52 Weeks, 52 Finished Projects.
Notice what I am not saying. I am not saying 1 Project/Week. I am not saying garment-sewing only. I am not even limiting myself to brand new projects. I will do whatever it takes to be successful. Success breeds success.
What is your sewing philosophy?
More later,
Lady T