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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Alien Abductions and UFOs

Imagine the following spoken by Maxwell Smart. "Would you believe I was abducted by a fleet of aliens? ... No? ... How about 2 aliens? ... What about a man in a spacesuit?"

Aliens. That has be it. How else could I explain a 3-month absence?

As proof that I'm not making this up, I'm going to show you an honest-to-goodness UFO. A sewing UnFinished Object.

Several months ago, I started this self-drafted skirt with SC. She finished hers, but unfortunately I stalled half-way through my waistband. (Can you imagine, it was already hemmed!) The abandoned skirt lay like a limp rag in my to-do pile.

Dear readers, I don't know if you've noticed this yet, but I seem to have a teeny problem finishing things. I'm sure this character flaw has something to do with the previously mentioned alien abductions. The Extraterrestrials must've started when I was very young and impressionable.

The rewards of finishing a project!

Annoyed with myself, I unearthed it from the pile (I'm sad to say there were several new pieces on top of it). After contemplating my options (the reason I had stalled previously - indecisiveness), I decided to insert a piece of thick, non-twist waistband elastic to help compensate for my expanding/shrinking waistline. I closed the seam and presto the job was done!

Here I am wearing it. As you can see, I'm enjoying a celebratory glass. It's not every day you overcome to-do pile gravity!

              - Lady T

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