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Sunday, January 06, 2013

In and Out

In and out. I seem to do that a lot - pop in to blogsville for awhile then pop out again. But that's not what I meant by In and Out.

The beginning of a new year is often a time of reflection. Looking back on my year of sewing and blogging, I'm shocked to see how far off I am from my goal of 52 Projects in 52 Weeks. Ouch!

This is especially weird considering how often I sew. Not quite every day, but most.

So where is the proof, aka finished projects?

You got me there....

Quite a few things go unblogged. The curtain hemming, the clothing alterations, the undies, the rejects, the unfinished.

I'm squirming a little thinking about how many projects get abandoned. Usually it's not conscious as in "I hate this, into the garbage it goes". It's more, "Oh dear, I better do x now." Or, "This project is so exciting, I'll start it now." Occasionally it's, "Oops, this is wrong. Let me think about it a bit more."

Looking back, I can see that I'm the queen of Good Intentions and an absolute lightweight at Follow-through.

Fortunately January brings the start of a new year. Yay! So out with the guilt of not doing better.

And in with the zeal of the creative spirit wanting to leap out and dance, er, sew! And perhaps a sewing plan....

Happy New Year, dear readers! I hope your creative spirit soars in 2013.

           Lady T


  1. I am keen to document this year. I recognize your issues and I think it's important to keep the sewing positive and productive. That doesn't mean finishing projects every time perhaps, but perhaps recognizing something gained from every one. If we document the start and track the progress? Hmmm... You've got me thinking. For instance, I have a robe ready to cut out right now. I'm dilly dallying on the start.

    I also blame the state of my sewing room for delay. I've seen yours. You Never have that excuse!

  2. I never have that excuse? You mean people don't really step on pins in my sewing room, or get buried under a fabric avalanche, or leave my studio with loose threads and fabric bits clinging to their socks? Funny, I thought I did. ;-)

    Cleaning the sewing space is always so inspiring. All the pretty things you find!