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Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Something Fun

The tack (whack) buttons: stars, swirls, and pearl-inset
My stud muffin returned home bearing gifts – including more stud-like things! He brought me several styles of jean buttons, aka tack buttons. (Personally, I think they should be called whack buttons because you hammer them on.) He and DD3 scoured Toronto’s fabric district to find my treasures.

While perusing the fabric stores, they came across some fabulous non-stretch denim. Bless their hearts, they rummaged through the piles and found me three beauties: dark wash, pale pink, and flowered denim. I’m especially tickled with the flowered denim. They’re about to become jeans. Yes, flowered jeans. Even though I know people will point and snicker whenever I wear them, I want, want, want them. There’s no accounting for some people’s taste.

My new denims: dark wash, baby pink, pink flowered
The baby pink denim has a soft spot in my heart. When I was in elementary school, I desperately longed for blue jeans. My mother was horrified – only laborers wore jeans – not little girls. Girls wore skirts or dresses, or on the rare occasion, slacks. (This was right before the hippy movement propelled denim into the fashion world.) Tomboy that I was, prissy slacks just didn’t cut it. One day, the unimaginable happened – my mother brought me home a pair. They were pink jeans, her nod to femininity.

Fast forward two-and-a-half decades. The tomboy is now the mother of two little girls and one baby girl. Mom and I go shopping, and what do we find – pink jeans, identical to the ones I had! Plus matching pink jean jackets! My mom whisked two sets to the cash register and before you could say Bob’s your uncle, both girls were dressed from head-to-toe in pink denim.  In time, they passed their outfits down to their younger sister, so I have sweet memories of all three of my daughters wearing pink jeans.

Once again, fast forward two-and-a-half decades. Pink denim has reappeared my life. Is there any doubt about what I’m going to make with it?

                   -      Lady T

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