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Saturday, February 04, 2012

The Dream vs Reality

What’s the biggest difference between a dream and reality? In a dream, everything is perfect. In reality, there are flaws. Lots of them.

In case you haven’t guessed, I’m talking about my newly finished jeans, Trial Pair #1, made from Stretch and Sew #716, the Trouser Jean.

Included for your viewing pleasure (and amusement) is the front view. Yep, they’re Mom jeans. Exactly what I wanted; the top of the waistband covers the bellybutton. I’m thrilled to say this is the one area where dream and reality overlapped.  

The legs do not thrill me. I thought I was getting a straight leg. Instead they taper. Easy fix. Next time, I will widen the leg from hip to hem.

Now the picture you’ve all been waiting for – the backside. Hmmmm. There’s still a lot of fabric at the back of the leg. I definitely don’t like the decoration on the pockets. (Or maybe it’s just the butt they are resting on.)

Front and back, the fit around the crotch doesn’t look great. I will ponder the wrinkles a bit more.

But the biggest problem is the waistband. Inserting it really changed the fit and the comfort level. Before the waistband addition, my pants slid up and down my rectangular body, free-floating so to speak. Afterwards, the pants were locked in place. Cinched in waist is too mild a description. When I sit, my soft spare tire is pushed up and out, much like a tavern wench’s  bosom in her corset. It feels just as bad as it looks!

All in all, I give them a C-. Sort of wearable but not great. Mind you, they are a great diet/exercise incentive. I liked them better when they were a dream.

So ends Project 3.

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