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Sunday, May 06, 2012

Fabulousness in Ottawa

Do you rank things? I do. Even though the world is blissfully unaware of my contests, I hold them and declare winners. Since sewing is dear to my heart, it should come as no surprise that I hold secret and private contests involving all things fabric. 

Today I'm ready to make an announcement.  

Grand Winner: Darrell Thomas on Preston Street 
The winner of Lady T’s Favourite Fabulous Fabric Store in Canada award goes to... drum roll please... Darrell Thomas Textiles in Ottawa, Ontario.

This pronouncement does not come without due consideration. Over the years, I've auditioned many, many fabric stores. My husband declares I have built-in fabric store radar. If we drive though a town that has one, chances are I'll find it without even trying. It's spooky.

Lady T and Darrell - he hates having his picture taken
but kindly agrees, providing I join him.
Darrell Thomas Textiles wins hands down. This independent store is chockablock full of fabulous fabrics and notions. The offerings are exquisite – Versace, Armani, Burberry – big names for a small store. Even the notions are drool-worthy; Darrell Thomas has the nicest interfacings I’ve ever seen; other stores may offer more varieties, but this one carries the best. The customer service is unbelievable – once I saw Darrell invite a customer who’d run aground on her sewing project into the classroom and help her past the roadblock. A-maz-ing.
My purchases: Burberry lining, 2 silky fusible interfacings, fine wool
Beautiful navy Australian wool, milled in Italy

In an era when many (most?) independent fabric stores have gone the way of the dodo bird, it’s comforting to see one going strong. I stop in every time I’m in the area. 

Lady T and T&G at the Tulip Festival
Another fabulous attraction – The Ottawa Tulip Festival! Bed after bed of gorgeous colour, it not only dazzles the eye but uplifts the heart.

But dearest to my heart, my most favourite fabulous attraction in Ottawa is DD#2, aka Tall & Gorgeous (T&G). Luckily for me, she enjoys accompanying me when I visit the other favourite fabulous Ottawa attractions.

           - Lady T

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  1. I love the pic with you and T&G! She certainly is that. :)