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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Tale of Two Dresses Part 3

Ms BTTB proving that No One is
Better Than the Best
The excitement of the two dresses just never ends! Ms Better Than The Best (Ms BTTB) recently sent me a photo of her wearing her dress from the night of the Big Event. This was taken pre-party.

The "fun element" for the night was a masked dance - reminiscent of the old Regency era masked balls, but with shorter dresses, and very few Earls and Viscounts. Instead of wearing her feathery eye-piece on her face, Ms BTTB turned hers into a fascinator and wore it on her head, a la Royal wedding guest hat. Cute, isn't it? More than one fellow guest wished they'd come up with that idea for theirs.

            - Lady T


  1. I've often worn my mask like that, but only because I'd had a few too many and pulled it sideways ... and then looked around the floor to find out where it went ... :)