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Sunday, January 22, 2012


Today starts of the fourth week of 2012, and already I’m running behind. See why I have this blog? Without the weekly flip of the calendar, I would’ve never noticed how non-productive I’ve been. Sometimes ignorance is bliss.

Last week I heard from Karen at Wild Ginger. Her suggestions for improving my PMB sloper include raising the waistline, moving the shoulder points, and reducing the width of my waist. The next step is inputting the revised numbers into my PMB program, printing a new pattern and sewing a new fitting garment. That means there is nothing more to do on this sloper, its job is done.  Project 2: check.

Next up, jeans. But not just any jeans. I’m making mine from a vintage 1980’s Stretch and Sew pattern, Designer Jeans #716 purchased this fall on eBay. High waist, straight leg, with a flattering tummy-flattening pocket stay – how could I resist? The last time I liked how I looked in jeans was in a pair like this. Can history repeat itself? I sure hope so!

Right before Christmas, I whipped together a muslin using discount rack denim softened in Coca-Cola*. The fit wasn’t bad. I took it in a smidge in the hips, plus took a tuck out of the upper back thigh to get rid of the flappy fabric under the behind. Now that Projects 1 and 2 are done, I’m free to work on these jeans. Today I took out the basting, and altered the pattern. Fortunately I was able to recut the pattern using the original denim pieces, so I’m going to use them again to make my trial pair.

Wish me luck!

*The tip to use Coca-Cola in the wash cycle to soften denim comes from Peggy Sager of Silhouette Patterns.

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