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Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Stash Buster Sewing Challenge

Do you have interlopers in your stash pile, odd pieces of fabric that leave you shaking your head and questioning your judgement? What was I thinking when I bought that?

I’ve noticed a correlation between how long I’ve owned a piece of material and its suitability. The longer it’s been in my stash, the less likely it will be used. Of course, that’s not a hard and fast rule. Some pieces are bought for the future. But the question is, will that future ever come?

Only Nonpareils, those with the strongest wills, the clearest heads, will have fabric stashes devoid of any ill-advised purchases. The rest of us are fated to own a few oddball pieces that don’t have a snowball’s chance of ever being used – by us, at least.

Enter my Sewing Guild and its newfound love of sewing contests. Let’s swap stash orphans, our Past-President suggested. I take yours, you take mine, and each of us has to make at least one garment with these fabric foundlings. Enthusiastic agreement propelled the notion from fabulous idea to Fabric Challenge.

This inventive lady collected bags and bags of our under-loved stash pieces, and using a creative eye, she turned the odd assortment of fabrics into Challenge Bundles.

Ever one to enjoy a creative challenge, I signed on. Unfortunately, I got last pick.

My favourite bundles were snatched up early. However, I was lucky enough to get one that had caught my eye. It featured a heavy red/black/bronze paisley-print polyester knit that was paired with a fine taupe rayon woven. The colour combination was unusual but pleasing.

Now that it’s mine all mine, I can’t envision how to use this mishmash of fabric types together. Plus a couple of other stumbling blocks, such as I never wear red. Or paisley.

Folks, there’s a reason it’s called a Challenge. I have until the March meeting to create my ensemble. Otherwise it’s two new oddball pieces for my fabric stash.

            - Lady T

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