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Sunday, January 01, 2012

Who's On First?

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Sewing always involves so many decisions. What to sew? Which fabric to use? Who to make it for? Sometimes a project gets bogged down before it even gets started.

Take Project #1 as an example. The choices are so wide open, it’s almost overwhelming. I have a closetful of fabric, a filing cabinet filled with patterns, and a houseful of people clamouring for something new to wear.  What to sew shouldn’t be a hard decision, but it is. Sometimes too much choice is just as bad as none. 

Some parameters would help. Since there aren’t any real ones, I’ll create a few artificial ones:

1.       It must be a garment.
2.       I shall be the lucky recipient. (Elaine of The Selfish Seamstress would approve.)
3.       The project must be quick and easy, so I will can bask in the feeling of accomplishment. (Therefore the winter jacket  is out.)
4.       I must use a tried and trued (TnT) pattern.

I feed the criteria into the local high speed data bank (aka my brain) and - bing! – out pops the answer. A knit top! Given the sorry state of my t-shirt collection, this is an excellent project. Now to find a worthy fabric...

Do you ever stall your creative energy with indecision?

              Lady T


  1. You know I do. I'm the queen of needing parameters. Good call on setting yourself some.

  2. Indecision on one front or another is always a problem for me! Glad to hear I'm not alone.